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The most important factor in patient care is to make it as accessible as possible

When you’ve got to get the right drugs to the right patients in time, we’re a powerful friend to have. Our influence and expertise cut through cross-border problems and local red tape, delivering a patient-first, end-to-end service. Our team of pharmacists, pharmaceutical specialists, logisticians and service employees has seen and solved just about every problem you’ll ever come across – so we’ll source the best products at the best price, fast. And what’s more, we’re fully licensed to supply controlled drugs, whenever and wherever in the world they’re needed.

The advantages of working with Komtur - Special Imports & Supply services:

Importing Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Products
  • Qualified suppliers and logistics partners of proven reliability
  • Sourcing, importing and ready-to-use supply of unregistered and unlicensed pharmaceutical products.
  • Full compliance with national and international laws
  • Fully-documented supply chain
Resolving Shortages
  • Versatile procurement chain - qualified to supply in most markets worldwide
  • Multiple options to overcome delivery bottlenecks or product shortages.
International Product Research
  • Access to an unparalleled global network of wholly-owned affiliates which allows us to guarantee quality of the product and supply chain with clear communications and response procedures.
  • With multilingual staff and local presence in so many countries Komtur eliminates language barriers.
  • We have an extensive database of products, preparations, active ingredients, registration status and availability per country in our ERP system catalogue which allows us to quickly find the right product.
Maintaining Product Integrity
  • Gapless batch tracing throughout our supply chain – providing a solid basis for managing potential manufacturer recalls.
  • All products are shipped in temperature-controlled containers, with 24/7 temperature recording devices, compliant with GDP and GMP regulations.
  • With in-house quality assurance experts for each branch, Komtur guarantees the quality of every product and every process.
  • Our warehouses are fully equipped to guarantee product quality is maintained at the required level, across all temperature ranges.
  • Komtur offers comprehensive temperature excursion management
International Sourcing of Medical Products
  • Our In-depth knowledge of foreign markets allows a broad range of options - balancing requirements of long-term supply, product quality, price optimization and filling supply gaps
  • Bonded warehouses – stocked according to individual customer requirements
  • Thorough worldwide search system, thanks to ERP system database
  • Komtur takes care of all necessary permits and documentation, which saves our customers the time and trouble of dealing with foreign authorities and handling customs clearance
Supplying Ancillary Products and Medical Devices
  • Komtur offers sourcing, supply and storage of ancillary and medical devices
  • We know how to navigate the regulatory environment and help our customers overcome the many roadblocks.
Supplying Veterinary Products
  • Komtur is fully licensed to handle all types of veterinary products in accordance with local and international regulations, and can also help with special access for unlicensed products for pets.
  • We can support customers in need of veterinary medicines for livestock with imports from within the EU.

Komtur is fully GDP/GMP compliant.

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Stories our success was built on

60 years of experience and worldwide expertise - all focused on better patient experience.
Here are just a few of the times we’ve made a difference.

Frequently asked questions

Can you supply information on the availability of a medicine or active ingredient?

We process every request individually, considering availability, speed of supply and price on your behalf. We also stock many products in our warehouses, so we can give you an immediate response. Contact us to find out more.

I am a doctor or pharmacist. How can I get an unlicensed drug for my patient?

There are many ways to access specialised treatments for your patients, including:

  • Medicines marketed in some countries, but not in yours, as a named patient import.
  • Medicines marketed but in short supply in your country may be imported on a named patient basis from countries with availability.

Komtur can get the product you need and handle everything from export to import, secure storage and distribution. As every case is unique, the best way to get started is by contacting us.

I am a patient. How can I get an unlicensed drug for myself?

Firstly you should contact your doctor to get the right prescription. The method of access to the prescribed unlicensed medicine depends on the specific country’s regulations. Komtur has extensive knowledge of pharmaceutical regulations worldwide and understands the right procedure in each case. You can ask your doctor or pharmacist to contact us on your behalf.

We are a pharma company. How can we make our products available to patients in countries where we have no marketing authorisation?

There are different methods we can employ to help you provide compliant market access for your product. A lot depends on the regulatory framework in each country and what stage of the lifecycle of your product is at.


  • Medicines in clinical research or in the process of securing marketing authorisation can be made available to patients within a program on compassionate use basis.
  • Medicines already marketed in one ore more countries can be made available to patients within a program on named patient basis.
  • Medicines marketed but in short supply in a country can be made available to patients within a program, on named-patient basis or via a special permit issued by local health authorities.

Komtur will help you navigate the specific regulations in your respective target country and build a compliant solution based on your requirements.

In most cases, such products can be distributed to patients on your behalf, in either your name or in the name of Komtur.

An additional advantage of working with us is our bonded warehouses, where your product can be stored under GDP conditions without the need for you to pay upfront customs and/or taxes.

To find out more about this tailor-made service, please visit our Special distributions and Launch solutions page or contact our business development team.

Which countries can Komtur source from and send to?

We supply products from everywhere to anywhere. Simply put, if you need a drug, you can get it from Komtur.
Contact us to find out more.

Service you can depend on

Komtur is an authorized distributor of just about any pharmaceutical product you might need to source. Our service is built on compliance, quality, reliability and harnessing our global network of logistic partners to ensure we get you what you want, when you want it, exceeding all requirements and expectations along the way.

Whatever the task, we won’t let you down.

  • Inspecting all products for safety-relevant features
  • In-house GDP / GMP-compliant Quality Assurance
  • Storage according to specifications
  • Reliable and qualified suppliers and logistics partners

Get in touch

We’re here to help – just give us a call (or send a message).

Controlled Drugs

Komtur gives you an unrivalled global import, export and distribution service for controlled drugs - including narcotics and exempted preparations – through our transparent, traceable, consistently reliable and fully compliant supply chain. We supply the pharmaceutical industry, international wholesalers and patients around the world, and we can meet your requirements to the letter.

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Customers in the DACH region can access our online research portal KomFinder, to search availability, ingredients, variants and availability of products and receive information on delivery times as well as live chat with the special import team in Freiburg.

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