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The most experienced and longest-serving player in this highly-specialized market, Komtur has a reputation for not dropping the ball. We’ve been procuring and distributing for clinical trials and international research projects for over 60 years, so our forward planning is second to none. We create shrewd sourcing plans that pre-empt unseen complexity and delays, across the most unpredictable multi-country landscapes. We run an unmatched supply network, with country-specific local knowledge and close connections with local authorities. And while we can support you at every stage of your product’s development, we always flex our service to suit your needs.

The advantages of working with Komtur - Clinical Trial Supply services:

  1. A proven track record in the most complex sourcing systems for comparator medications, with an established worldwide network of fully-audited suppliers.

    We’re dependable partners for multi-country studies - ensuring comparators are available in the right quantity at the right time. pre-planning for every eventuality. We see round corners, planning for what you can’t see, so there are no surprises to derail your plans.

    • Comparator sourcing for clinical trials
    • Sample medicines
    • Controlled drugs
    • Rescue medicines
    • Clinical trial ancillary materials
    • Import/export
    • Pharmacovigilance

Komtur is fully GDP/GMP compliant.

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Stories our success was built on:

Our expertise and experience are all focused on the same end - enhanced patient experience. Here are just a few of the times we’ve made a difference.

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Service you can depend on

Komtur is an authorized distributor of just about any pharmaceutical product you might need to source. Our service is built on compliance, quality, reliability and harnessing our global network of logistic partners to ensure we get you what you want, when you want it, exceeding all requirements and expectations along the way.

Whatever the task, we won’t let you down.

  • Inspecting all products for safety-relevant features
  • In-house GDP / GMP-compliant Quality Assurance
  • Storage according to specifications
  • Reliable and qualified suppliers and logistics partners

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Controlled Drugs

Komtur gives you an unrivalled global import, export and distribution service for controlled drugs - including narcotics and exempted preparations – through our transparent, traceable, consistently reliable and fully compliant supply chain. We supply the pharmaceutical industry, international wholesalers and patients around the world, and we can meet your requirements to the letter.