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We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.

A financially independent, family-owned business for over 60 years, Komtur Pharmaceuticals has grown into one of the world's leading providers of integrated procurement and distribution services for pharmaceutical products. We’ve built a reputation as an innovative, dependable partner – deeply loyal to our employees, customers, and suppliers – dedicated to the highest possible quality standard and most important, we’re committed to continuing to earn that reputation

Our focus is on sensitive and highly complex segments of the pharmaceuticals market, such as sourcing medicines, special distribution launches, supplying clinical trials and named patients. And while we work as a powerful global partner, we also have direct contact with patients in our capacity as pharmacists.

All subsidiaries in the Group work closely with the company headquarters in Freiburg (Breisgau), Germany and each other - and through our seventeen subsidiaries and regional offices in 16 countries around the world, we can assure our customers of customised turnkey solutions in almost in all core markets of our industry.

Komtur cares… Genuinely cares!

We care about…

  • our employees - Komtur is a family. We support, celebrate and encourage each other.
  • our customers - we constantly go above and beyond.
  • the patients - who we never meet and who never know what we do, but are the reason behind every package we deliver.
  • the environment - doing our best with each action to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • our communities - we try to make a positive impact wherever we can.

We do theses things not for likes, or content, or Kudos, but because it’s the right thing to do and it’s who we are.

Our mission is to be the world’s most trusted patient-centric partner for the pharmaceutical industry.


Where it all started in 1960, the Komtur pharmacy in Freiburg continues to serve local patients to this day.


Our headquarter in Freiburg.


Our headquarters has beautiful views of the airport and the new Freiburg stadium.


Our headquarters in winter under a blanket of snow.


Our building runs on sustainable green energy for heating and cooling ensuring optimal conditions for ambient products and colleagues.


The view of our headquarters in the springtime. Our gardens are planted with all indigenous flora to save water and support the natural biodiversity.


Breaking ground on our Polish facility in 2005. Almost 15 years later and its even more beautiful than the architects renders.


An artist render of our Polish facility which was completed in 2006.


Looking out of our offices in Warsaw.


Our Komtur Polska colleagues in the Warsaw facility.


Our honeybees in Poland produce delicious Komtur honey while supporting the biodiversity of the natural gardens.


Our warehousing facility in Freiburg is unique with its glass walls and 360 degree views made possible by a state of the art cooling technology run on green energy.


Covid stopped the world, but Komtur kept the medicine moving.


Ready to cool off in our Freiburg warehouse.


The stunning view from our Berlin office.


The Berlin team hard at work.

Our history: Putting the patient at the centre of our world for 60 years

Landesarchiv Baden-Württemberg, Abt. Staatsarchiv Freiburg W 134 Nr. 070167 / Fotograf: Willy Pragher

The little town of Freiburg nestles in the hills of the black forest. There, in 1960, Gertrud Künle founded a small apothecary to serve the locals and appointed her brother Josef as an apprentice. They had no idea then that Komtur Pharmaceuticals would one day become a global giant.

Fast forward 20 years… Josef Künle was now the Pharmacist and sole proprietor of Komtur Apotheke when one day opportunity knocked. One of the biggest pharma companies in the USA needed someone to help build a supply chain to Ireland. It was a tall order, and Josef had to put everything on the line to make it happen. But with hard work, ambition and an enduring luck, he did just that.

But this was just the start. More enquiries from the industry followed and gradually snowballed, to the point where the pharmacy needed to apply for a wholesale license. This enabled Komtur to buy and sell pharmaceutical products never before seen in Germany.

Our reputation grew and grew beyond the borders of Germany. By 1996 Mr Künle founded Komtur Pharmaceuticals. We expanded fast. Offices in Switzerland and the US followed in 1998. The turn of the century saw offices in Hong Kong and Berlin.

Success followed success and over the years we have expanded into Poland, Great Britain, Brazil, the Czech Republic, Italy, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, France, Bulgaria and Spain. The little local pharmacy had matured into a global player with branches in 14 countries and counting.

But despite the speed and scale of our growth, we never forgot the founding purpose of Komtur. To help patients. The only difference is that today, we can serve a whole lot more of them!

Trust is good, but documented control is better

Every single person in the Komtur network contributes skill and experience to the chain, ensuring the highest possible standards of safety and security in the procurement, storage and distribution of drugs.

Each subsidiary has its own dedicated quality assurance department, guaranteeing adherence to the GDP and GMP guidelines for wholesale operations.

Thanks to regular

  • employee training,
  • inspections by national regulatory authorities,
  • audits by our partners in the pharmaceutical industry and
  • self-inspections

we consistently control, confirm, and improve our quality management system.

As an internationally active and closely networked group, we’re constantly reviewing various quality standards with a view to using only the highest as our benchmark.

Komtur therefore insists on

  • thorough inspection of all drugs for safety-relevant characteristics,
  • storage of all drugs according to specifications,
  • full traceability of the supply chain, and
  • reliable and qualified suppliers and logistics partners.

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