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An unrivalled import, export and distribution service for controlled drugs, including narcotics and psychotropics. We assure global, transparent and traceable delivery to the pharmaceutical industry, international wholesalers and pharmacies. We're expert navigators of the strict international narcotics trade regulations, we can support you with the necessary documentation to obtain your controlled drug, and import licenses, and we will manage the whole supply process, including all required licenses and reporting. Rely on us to create the best possible solution, tailor-made for your needs.

The advantages of working with Komtur - Controlled Drugs services:

Importing and Exporting Controlled Drugs

Komtur gives you an unrivalled import, export and distribution service for controlled drugs.

The best team to have on your side when navigating the strict international trade regulations for controlled drugs. You’ll enjoy an optimized, bespoke service – and since we hold all the necessary global permits, we’re able to match each request on its own merits.

  • Application for relevant licenses
  • International sourcing
  • Documentation
  • Tailor-made, GDP-compliant supply chain for each case
Resolving Shortages

If there’s a bottleneck in the supply chain, or a shortage of a certain preparation, we can make use of our global network to find the best solution in the fastest time with the most efficient resource management.

International Product Research

We source products on your behalf, based on your specific requirements (e.g. active ingredients in certain strengths).

Maintaining Product Integrity

Take advantage of our state-of-the-art, GDP/GMP compliant, secure storage facility, which uses active and passive cooling systems and 24/7 smart monitoring of the atmospheric conditions.

Supplying Veterinary Medicine Products

Controlled drugs aren’t just for humans. We’re also fully-licensed to supply all classes of veterinary medical products in accordance with the new European Veterinary Medicinal Products Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2019/6) in effect since January 2022. Whether you need to fill a veterinary prescription or source products for your veterinary clinical trial, Komtur has you covered.

Batch Collection

Our walk-in Controlled Substance Vault has been custom-built to adhere to the strictest regulations, with state-of-the-art 24/7 environmental monitoring and security protocols. Our capacity to store controlled drugs allows us to consolidate shipments or do batch collections on behalf of our industry clients.

Product Management
  • Temperature excursion management
  • Supply chain management
  • Quality control queries
Product Storage and Distribution
  • We secure your products in our walk-in Controlled Substance Vault, custom-built to adhere to the strictest regulations with state-of-the-art 24/7 environmental monitoring and security protocols.
  • Based on our own SOP and the applicable regulations, we offer a wide range of distribution models, which we can deploy depending on the needs of our customers.
  • Our validated cold chain and ambient storage conditions maintain your product in the optimum temperature range.
  • Komtur is hugely flexible, and we pride ourselves on our ability to handle any request. Just ask us.
License Application

Our state-of-the-art Controlled Drug facility allows us to hold a comprehensive controlled drug license, which can be updated to add list any product required to carry out your project. This license allows us to apply for any required shipment-related import and export license.

We can support you by procuring all required documentation for you to obtain your controlled drug and import licenses.

We will manage the whole process, procuring all further licenses and documentation, dealing with local bureaucracy and handling import and export customs clearance.

And it goes without saying that we monitor everything meticulously right through the process, ensuring your documentation is fully compliant and never deviates from the regulations.

Komtur is fully GDP/GMP compliant.

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Frequently asked questions

What kind of documents are necessary for importing a controlled drug?

To get started, the customer needs:

  • Pharmacy license
  • Hospital (pharmacy) license
  • Wholesaler license
  • Manufacturing license
  • Narcotics licence or narcotics number allocation (customers in Germany)
  • Product-specific import permit (Komtur can take care of this permit for you in all countries where we are licensed to handle controlled drugs)

Please contact us to find out more about prices, lead times and required documentation.

What is the usual process for importing/exporting a controlled drug?

Komtur applies for the update to include the specified controlled drug to our controlled drug license. We then then apply for the import/export permit. In the case of export applications Komtur will also require the original import permit from the overseas customer. We support you with all the relevant documentation required for your import permit application. We can take care of the import permit for you in all countries where we are licensed to handle controlled drugs.

What do I need to know about lead times and additional costs?

These vary considerably, and each project has to be assessed separately, depending on: whether we’re dealing with an import and/or an export; whether the product has been traded by Komtur before; and the product’s country of origin and/or destination

Can you supply information on the availability of a medicine based on product name or active ingredient?

We have an extensive database of products, preparations, active ingredients, registration status and availability per country in our ERP system catalogue, which allows us to find the right product quickly. We process every request individually, taking into consideration product availability, lead time (as a result of legislation and supply), documentation, license applications and of course, price. Contact us to find out more.

I am a doctor or pharmacist. How can I get an unlicensed controlled drug for my patient?

There are many ways to access specialized treatments for your patients, including early access, compassionate use, named patient and individual patient supply. Even if the issue is a shortage or bottleneck in the supply chain, Komtur can get the product you need and handle everything from Import to export, secure storage and distribution. As every case is unique, the best way to get started is by contacting us.

I am a patient. How can I get an unlicensed controlled drug for myself?

This is not always straightforward. Assuming you have a prescription, much is still contingent on documentation and licenses, which vary from country to country – and sometimes also state to state. You should ask your doctor or pharmacist to contact us to find out more.

I am a pharmaceutical company. How can I supply controlled drugs to foreign markets?

Komtur is fully licensed and has GDP-compliant facilities for storing and transporting controlled drugs around the world. We can help you at every stage and in every area, creating a tailor-made solution rooted in your strategy, and taking into account the relevant restrictions and regulations that relate to each market you wish to access.

Which countries can Komtur source from and send to?

We supply products from anywhere to everywhere. If a product is licensed in the country of origin, we can get it to where you need it to be. contact us to find out more.

Do you have site distribution?

The short answer is "Yes, this can be arranged". We generally distribute to any location, provided the receiver has undergone the required customer qualification process. Our experts have an intricate knowledge of the complex legal restrictions around narcotics regulation in different countries which enables us to find the best solution on a case by case basis, according to the respective legislation of each region.

What products can you supply?

The extensive Komtur product list unfortunately cannot be listed publicly. However, we can acquire any controlled drug on the market on request. Contact us for more information.

Can you help with 3rd country import to EU for clinical trial or commercial distribution use?

Absolutely. As a global supplier we give our customers global access. Komtur holds all required licenses and permits. It is important to note that third country import regulation apply above the import of controlled drug regulations.

Can you supply in bulk?

Absolutely. We are fully licensed for bulk supply and batch collection.

Service you can depend on

Komtur is an authorized distributor of just about any pharmaceutical product you might need to source. Our service is built on compliance, quality, reliability and harnessing our global network of logistic partners to ensure we get you what you want, when you want it, exceeding all requirements and expectations along the way.

Whatever the task, we won’t let you down.

  • Inspecting all products for safety-relevant features
  • In-house GDP / GMP-compliant Quality Assurance
  • Storage according to specifications
  • Reliable and qualified suppliers and logistics partners

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