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How Komtur delivered asthma aerosol-based inhalators against all odds


How we did it.

It was an order we supplied as regular as clockwork… until the Taiwan authorities threw a spanner in the works. Routine delivery of a GSK inhalation product to Singapore (from different regional markets) for clinical re-packaging at a CMO site, went without a hitch until the Taiwan authorities requested a specific Dangerous Goods Management form for air transport from Taipei to Singapore. Pressurised aerosol inhalers, they insisted, could not travel by air without a special dispensation.

When we checked, even the manufacturers themselves were unable to produce the required documentation. The team thrashed out all possible options, but time was running short.

The only solution, it seemed, was to go by sea. So we packed 2,000 packs onto a single palette – then, because it was classified as dangerous goods, we locked this single palette into an otherwise empty 15ft sea freight container and sent it by ship from Taiwan to Singapore.

Needless to say, we delivered in time to keep the patient trial on track and save the re-packaging timeline. But the story goes down in company history as the only time we ever sent anything by sea to get it there faster!


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