Komtur the Gene Genie

How we granted the wishes of families to bring the first gene therapy treatment to Slovakia.


How we did it.

Until 2020, Slovakia had no access to gene therapy treatments. As a result, patients were forced to travel to other countries to get essential care.

A revolutionary gene therapy treatment for SMA, with the power to change lives when administered to children under two years old, was made available through a donation program in the United States. It needed to be delivered to a designated hospital in the Slovak Republic.

Launching a product into a new market is one thing. Introducing a non-categorized therapy that’s never been in a country before demanded intense collaboration with government, the manufacturer, customs office, legal advisors and hospital treatment teams. Qualified personnel needed to be trained. And special facilities for testing and pre-med preparation had to be built from scratch, as well as ultra-deep-freeze transport and storage.

Komtur Slovakia coordinated and led the entire process to ensure the child patients got the medicine that could change their lives. Komtur was there every step of the way – from pickup right through to safe delivery to the patient. Blazing a trail and taking care of everything to make this product available - and in the process, paving the way for future gene therapies.

Since then, Komtur Pharmaceuticals Slovakia has proudly continued to deliver and has become an exclusive partner of the top 10 Pharma company who manufactures this breakthrough therapy.


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