Global market access

Komtur Pharmaceuticals has been and continues to be a dependable partner of the pharmaceutical industry for the introduction of new, innovative drugs in Germany, Europe, and around the world.

Our Early Access Program supplies patients that cannot be enrolled in your trial. This requires a Compassionate Use program in the presence of promising results before the completion of your clinical trial.

In addition, it allows us to guarantee the continued supply of your patients after the completion of the clinical trial until your new product is approved. We also ensure customer retention and support with the marketing rollout of your new product.

As soon as your product is approved in the first country, our Early Access Program provides an entry option for commercial marketing in important key markets. We offer

  • custom-tailored early-access concept
  • support with applications for Compassionate Use programs
  • procurement and professional import in accordance with national regulations
  • quality and transparency in cooperation
  • control over your product
  • patient information to ensure proper use
  • support with pharmacovigilance

We will be pleased to discuss customized solution approaches with you.

After market approval in the corresponding target market, the Early Access Program can be seamlessly converted to commercial distribution.

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