Structured solutions for complex tasks in Asia

Komtur Pharmaceutical Technology Services Co., Ltd. in Shanghai is the Komtur Group's regional office in the Asia Pacific region.

We started working from China at the turn of the millennium to open markets, offer customer and supplier support, and provide the associated project management in Asia.

Our services include feasibility analyses, procurement and delivery coordination, regional product safety, and quality assurance as well as specialized market consulting.

We offer these services for our international customers outside and within the Asian economic zone.

At the core of our infrastructure is a network of qualified suppliers in China, Korea and Japan, Southeast Asia and Australia, which is continuously expanded and optimized in compliance with international quality standards from our office in Shanghai.

This provides our customers with access to reliable market information and safe products for clinical trials or for hospitals and private patients in Asia.

Komtur Pharmaceuticals Technology Services Co., Ltd. in Shanghai is your reliable partner for this high complex economic region with one of the most demanding pharmaceutical law situations.


Komtur Pharmaceutical Technology Services Co., Ltd.
Universal Mansion, Rm. 2403
172 Yu Yuan Road, Shanghai
200040 P.R. China

Telephone:  +86 21 6249 9977
Fax: + 86 21 6249 9372

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