The 24-hour Meds Race

Next-day cross-border emergency delivery

How we did it.

The emergency call came in the late afternoon. A patient in Germany needed a life-saving drug to prevent the rejection of a transplanted organ. The challenge was that they needed it the next day. As time was of the essence, we needed a supplier nearby – but the nearest was in a neighboring country. But at Komtur, that’s an everyday challenge. What made this situation especially difficult wasn’t the distance, the borders or the cold chain requirement - it was the opening hours of the depot where the drug was being stored.

Komtur worked tirelessly to find anyone who could get inside the depot, but to no avail. Our only option was to make sure the courier was there when the doors opened in the morning. With the clock running down and Komtur greasing the wheels, the drug was released in record time and our courier was back on the road, getting through two countries and handing it to the named contact at the hospital in time for the transplant.

And you'll be pleased to know, the patient survived.

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