Komtur goes the extra 5279 miles

How Komtur’s close collaboration, rapid response and adaptability push urgent projects over the finish line.

How we did it.

A German patient urgently needed a US antiviral medication .The problem was – it wasn’t available in Germany.

But of course, that’s all in a day’s work for Komtur. Jan Koeller from our Berlin office immediately put a call in to his contact at the manufacturer, and set up a US point of contact for access. Less than a day later, we were working in close partnership with the manufacturer to set up an account with the exclusive distributor.

Registration, contracts and the processing of the order were completed within the day, and prepayment was made in time to get it shipped straight out on the Thursday night. This gave enough time for it to arrive at our US office on the Friday morning, which would have enabled us to expedite the shipment to Germany and ensure delivery to Zurich by Monday morning.

Then – disaster!

The Distributor accidentally shipped the package by ground instead of Next Day Air, which meant it wouldn’t reach us in time to meet the deadline.

But with Komtur in control, nothing goes wrong for long.

We managed to intercept the ground shipment at the FedEx depot and our courier drove it straight through 4 states to our facility finally arriving late on Friday night, The pressure was on, but now the product was in our supply chain. We managed to get it on a plane that Saturday morning and the Freiburg team took it the rest of the way. 2 continents, 3 countries and 3 Komtur branches came together to make sure the patient received his life saving treatment in time.

Proving once again that Komtur truly makes the pharmaceutical world smaller.

Would you like to learn more about this project?

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