When things get complicated, Komtur clears the way.

How we pulled off a highly complex batch collection campaign for a biologics developer in APAC

How we did it.

Komtur Shanghai helped collect a total of 30 (!) different batches of an international biologics cancer drug over 10 months. These were needed to verify the final project design for a rather complex pre-clinical analytical test run.

The client had very strict sourcing requirements: 30 batches to be collected, within a defined timeline , and with defined minimum expiry dates. To complicate matters further, there was also a mandatory variation in expiration dates between different batches. Komtur Shanghai’s global screening of available batches revealed the best plan was to collect batches from several countries across Europe, USA, Australia and Asia.

Our collaborative approach gave the client a sound understanding of the market and allowed Komtur to tailor the sourcing strategy to the timeline and research need.

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