The biggest trial was getting hold of the product!

How we sourced a highly-restricted product across 5 APAC markets and got it there without a hitch.

How we did it.

Between 2015 and 2017, a CRO client commissioned us to source a highly-restricted biologics compound for a regional trial as comparator drug - a head-to-head comparison which was of huge strategic importance to them.

Needless to say, it was a complex challenge. Fragmented distribution across the various exclusive distributors in each regional country market meant just getting hold of the products presented a complex challenge.

Essentially, it involved sourcing a biologics product from a top 10 pharmaceutical manufacturer, according to client’s exact timeline and in local market presentation from 5 different APAC country markets including Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines and Hongkong.

Yes, of course Komtur did it.

In fact, we managed to supply the project with totally free deliveries over 2 years despite distribution quotas and an unhelpful attitude from local exclusive distributors.

By mobilising our network of trusted, qualified and independent local wholesale partners. We were able to source and deliver all the required products to the respective local markets with full cool-chain temperature control and pedigree documentation. The project was managed centrally from Komtur Shanghai without the need for a direct local presence in any of the target markets. All the goods were supervised throughout the chain and checked on arrival at the supplier by Komtur representatives.

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