Services - Komtur Pharmacy

  • General shipping license and delivery of international drugs as an import on a named patient basis pursuant to Section 73.3, German Medicines Act (AMG)
  • Competent advisement on conventional drugs, homeopathic medicines, and alternative treatment methods
  • Delivery service for all drugs directly to your home
  • Rental service for Pari inhalation devices
  • Rental service for infant scales and breast pumps
  • Compilation of individual medication kits for travel, vaccination advisement for international travel by the Center for Travel Medicine certified staff
  • Measurement of blood glucose, blood pressure, and body mass index with explanation of values
  • Inspection of blood glucose meters as well as troubleshooting help with defective insulin pens
  • Nutrition counseling for overweight patients or those with metabolic disorders such as diabetes, gout, or hypertension
  • Personal customer card - Our service for your health
    Advantages include:
    Storage of medication data and review for potential drug interactions. There is no need to collect individual receipts. We can print a cost summary for submission to your health insurance provider or your fiscal authority at any time or at year-end. Of course, all your personal data are subject to data protection.

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