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Komtur has always been a financially independent family-owned business with a philosophy of its own. We are committed to responsibility, dependability, and loyalty toward our employees, customers, and suppliers. These values apply equally to all members of the Komtur Group, and we consider the highest quality standards a given.

From its origins as the Komtur Pharmacy in Freiburg, our company has grown to representation in six countries on three continents with over 65 employees. All subsidiaries of the Komtur Group are in constant contact with one another and work in close consultation with the company headquarters in Freiburg (Breisgau), Germany. Although our roots are in Freiburg, we are represented in core markets of our industry with our subsidiaries. This keeps us continuously updated about innovations of all kinds, new drug developments, or better transport routes.

With the exception of Shanghai, all of our subsidiaries are fully licensed pharmaceutical wholesalers.

The Komtur portfolio includes:

Our customers and partners in Germany and abroad know and appreciate Komtur Pharmaceuticals as a reliable and innovative specialized pharmaceutical wholesaler. Our aim is to keep earning your appreciation.

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